Welcome to PAC-Sys

canstockphoto4866816Expecting a delivery at SGS Can-Am Mailboxes? We can save you a trip or a phone call with PAC-Sys! If you have a tracking number from FedEx, UPS, USPS or another carrier, you can see if the package has arrived at SGS. Simply type your ENTIRE tracking number EXACTLY as it is listed on your paperwork into the SEARCH field below. If your package is ready for pick-up, PAC-Sys will tell you. If not, check back after 3:00pm for an update. Please note that packages arrive throughout the day at our location. Even though the carrier’s web site may say it has been delivered, it may be a few hours before our staff scans it into our system. Please be patient. Thanks for using PAC-Sys!

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY … To see if your package is ready to be picked up, enter your ENTIRE TRACKING NUMBER in the “Search” field below EXACTLY as it is printed on your documentation. For example, if your tracking number starts with five zeroes (00000), be sure to enter them all in. If you do not enter the entire tracking number, you will not get an accurate response.